When I was young, we used to go on regular family picnics. My mum used to spend hours in the kitchen making all kinds of wonderful snacks for us to eat. One of my favourites was her signature sausage and tomato pie, which was one of the highlights of our picnic. In this recipe, I have attempted to recreate a clean and heathy version of this pie, using lean venison sausages instead of pork sausage meat, but still with the twist of a tomato, garlic and onion topping.

These fluffy, healthy pancakes can be eaten at any time of the year!  Serve them for breakfast, or as a pick me up snack, they are delicious eaten hot or cold.  There’s no need to add sugar as the banana gives them a natural sweetness.  They taste great as they are, and amazing spread with a small amount of natural crunchy peanut butter or a dollop of natural Greek yoghurt - feel free to create your own imaginative toppings.