Would you like to move better and feel better?  As we progress through life, muscle imbalances may start to occur in the body leading to poor posture, rounded abdominals, back problems and restricted movement.


We offer mixed ability pilates classes using balls and bands. The classes are designed to improve core stability, posture, flexibility, balance and strength.

What is a Pilates class with Kathie like?

Kathie’s Pilates Conditioning classes aim to restore balance in the body by focusing on improving core stability, functional mobility, posture, balance, strength and flexibility. The classes are mixed ability and are suitable for beginners through to an intermediate level. Throughout the class, you will be encouraged to work within your own limitations by following the adaptations or progressions provided.


The class is 60 minutes long starting with a 10-minute standing, functional Pilates warm-up designed to mobilise the joints, increase range of movement and improve posture. The main part of the class is mat based, and you will be guided through a series of Pilates exercises, incorporating balls and/or bands (which are provided). The exercises are designed to strengthen the core, tone the muscles and condition the entire body.  The class will finish off with stretches designed to lengthen the muscles and improve flexibility.


After a few sessions, you will be able to move more freely, with better posture, improved muscle tone and strength.


The classes are pay-as-you-go, but please call, text, or email to book your space as places are limited.  You will need to wear comfortable clothing or fitness clothing. Please bring your own Pilates mat – balls and bands are provided.

Pilates class

Upcoming Pilates classes


My classes are run weekly and are £8 per session, pay as you go.  Please book in advance by calling, texting or email.


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